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  • Edward Edward Feb 20, 2008 9:14 PM Flag

    Rating teams, trades generally bogus

    When requesting evaluations trades and teams, keep in mind a couple of things:
    Context is important. It helps to know the categories of the league and the number of teams. Most leagues of fewer than 12 teams are loaded with all-star rosters, so it's really difficult to have a real picture without looking at everybody else's team as well.
    The obvious weaknesses should be evident to the greenest player -- not enough stolen bases, too many saves.
    Trades are purely subjective, regardless of what the "ratings" are telling you. Seeing your full roster and that of the person with whom you hope to deal are helpful. Can you afford to give up a slugger for a lower ERA and K's?
    Some of you have warped ideas of players' values. I saw one here earlier where a guy thought Aaron Hill would be an upgrade at 2B over Rickie Weeks.
    So either provide all the poog for a fair evaluation or just keep it to yourself. Nobody cares.


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