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  • TheTerminator500 TheTerminator500 Feb 15, 2008 4:27 PM Flag

    Come join a baseball sim league

    Do you know what a sim league is? A sim league is where you become a GM of a proffesional baseball organization. You make trades, sign Free Agents, make Press Conferences, and make your lineup and budgets each sim. There are 30 GM'S in the league. What we do is simple. We use somewhat a virtual reality game called Baseball Mogul 08. We basically put the lineups and budgets, trades and more into the game, and simulate the game ( like some people do). We then post the results of what happens in the sim so everyone can see. However, there is more info then that. When 2 GM'S agree to a trade, it must be passed by the trade moderators. the trade moderators are very intellegent people and know how sim leagues work. They vote on the trade by either approving or veto a trade. 3 approvals the trade is approved; 3 vetoes the trade is vetoed. Each team also have their minor league system and all of their specs, and it is up to you to take care of your prospects so maybe someday they will develop into superstars. Each player also has an overall rating and peak. An overall rating is what they are currently, and the peak is the potential they can reach. Example: Jose Reyes 92/96. Jose Reyes will be currently a 92 overall, but the potential he is most likely to reach, is a 96. Peaks and Overalls also drop depending on how they do in a sim, if they are ready for the position they are in whether it is the majors or minors, and whether they are affected by injuries. If you are interested, you must do at least 1 thing in order to be a part of this league, YOU MUST BE ACTIVE!!!! We don't mean coming on once every 3 days. This is a league where you must be on at least once a day, prefer at least twice if you can. I know we all have lives and I respect that, but I don't think it's hard to come on at least twice a day and make the league as better as a whole. Well I have told you a lot so far, and will discuss many more things if your interested. If you have any questions, email me at raveneye217@yahoo.com or YIM me at raveneye217. The Giants, Marlins, Astros, Pirates, and White Sox are open. If you don't think you have any questions of some sort, the link to the league is right here.


    P.S when you join, please say raveneye217 recruited you. I am the commish of the league. hope you join!


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