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  • Brewpub Brewpub Feb 16, 2008 3:11 AM Flag

    How to Prevent "Streaming"

    Simple , put a cap on either moves or innings , either way it will prevent the picking up of alot of fringe pitches who are in favorable spot starts. I will say this for streaming though , if your league settings permit it and someone is killing you because they are streaming , than you just don't wanna win enough. If the league settings allow it than it is one more toll to take into consideration when deciding daioy lineups , and the key to winning is getting maximum vaule from every spot in the lineup. If you go in knowing you will be streaming than you have a huge advantage at the draft. You will not even concern yourself with any pitcher runs and instead will stock a monster lineup , by getting 2 truely decent/good RP's to give you a chance at saves , streaming will give you the best bullpen at year send and a league championship , I am just saying that streaming gets a bad rap when it shouldn't. The name of the game is wining , at any cost.....


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