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    How to Prevent "Streaming"

    I'd like to open up a discussion on Streaming pitchers in a Head-to-Head League. Particularly on how to set up your custom league before the season to outlaw streaming if you so choose.
    Currently Yahoo doesn't give a definitive option to completely elliminate streaming in H2H. If it did it would give you the option to choose a Maximum innings pitched per week. That's the most sure fired way.
    The options it currently has are:
    *Maximum acquisitions for the season (0-100). Personally this doesn't work for my league which i have been playing in for several years now. the average roster moves per team is around 125 moves/ season. I had 150 last year and I did NOT stream.
    *Limit acquisitions per week: This doesn't solve the problem either though it does come close to restricting it. But I can count on two hands the weeks in which I didn't make that many moves if any and could have used my acquisitions on the last few days to stream like crazy.

    If you are for streaming that is fine. I am looking to establish a non-streaming league and I would like to know if anyone has run into this problem and found the most effective way to resolving it.
    Also how do you define streaming?

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    • Simple , put a cap on either moves or innings , either way it will prevent the picking up of alot of fringe pitches who are in favorable spot starts. I will say this for streaming though , if your league settings permit it and someone is killing you because they are streaming , than you just don't wanna win enough. If the league settings allow it than it is one more toll to take into consideration when deciding daioy lineups , and the key to winning is getting maximum vaule from every spot in the lineup. If you go in knowing you will be streaming than you have a huge advantage at the draft. You will not even concern yourself with any pitcher runs and instead will stock a monster lineup , by getting 2 truely decent/good RP's to give you a chance at saves , streaming will give you the best bullpen at year send and a league championship , I am just saying that streaming gets a bad rap when it shouldn't. The name of the game is wining , at any cost.....

    • Best way: Change from straight Ks to K/9, and require a minimum of 25 IP per week.

      The reduces the incentive to stream dramatically.

      No move limits are required.

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      • How does K/9 innings work? It sounds to me like the sum total of Ks you get for a pitcher won't count until you reach 9 innings with another pitcher added to it. Pitcher goes 6 innings with 6 Ks and then you have another get at least 3 innings plus some Ks you get the sum total of those Ks/ 9 innings.
        If I'm understanding it correctly than that doesn't solve the streaming issue. That gives more incentive to stream b/c you want your pitcher's Ks to count if he didn't reach 9 innings. So add more pitchers to make them count

        The way I define streaming is a manager drops and picks up Pitchers on a daily basis in order to lock up W and Ks for the week and inevitably lose ERA and WHIP. Isn't always the case but pretty much the normal situation is they will lose those 2 categories. So you lock up two categories and all you got to do is perform offensively and maybe get some saves and you win your week.

        Nobody in my league wants to do it but if the rules don't state that streaming is illegal than why not do it. So I am trying to define streaming more specifically so I can state to the league that this is what you can't do or else you will be locked out from roster moves the next week. Say if you drop more than 2 pitchers in one day or something.

    • I absolutely hate streaming.

      Option 1: Make it a weekly lineup league, so that once the week starts, that's your lineup for the week. No chance to stream there.

      Option 2: Create a rule that any player picked up during the week cannot be used in a daily lineup until the following Monday. This would have to be league monitored and enforced. You could punish anyone breaking this rule by benching their team 1 day for each infraction.

      Option 3: The maximum moves per week option you mentioned. Make it like, 3-4 per week. That way, even if someone uses them to stream, it will limit the effectiveness of it.

      Option 4: Find a group of guys you trust and call it a 'gentlemens rule' that you will not partake in streaming in the league. This one would be difficult, but not impossible. Anyone breaking this unwritten rule would be ridiculed and potentially locked out.

      Just some thoughts on it. I agree that streaming is a huge problem in public leagues, and that's why I won't play public head to head leagues anymore.

    • I streamed pitchers last year in my 20 team league. Only because I had major injuries early on. But I will tell you that I only had a shot in K's when I did it. I would always pick that one pitcher that went 7 scoreless the week before and got blown up for 10 ER in 4 innings when I got him. I would suggest making your league in the 16-20 team range it may eliminate the quality of pitchers on waivers. Streaming rarely paid off for me, I missed the playoffs because of it in the last week and finished 9th. And I haven't finished below 5th in any sport or league before or after.

    • In my league, We are going to allow 10 moves per week in spring training; followed by 5 moves per week in the season up to the All-Star Break. Then we move to 3 moves per week until the trade deadline. 2 moves until playoffs and Rosters are frozen for the playoffs.


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