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  • kazak kazak Feb 12, 2008 5:55 PM Flag

    more likely than cubs winning series

    1: Roger Clemens will tell the truth.
    2: Chris Berman will act intelligent off camera.
    3: Jose Canseco will win Dancing with the Stars.
    4: Kate Beckinsale will deliver a pizza to my house wearing half of a delivery box, speaking in French, and doing interpretive dance moves to the music of The Minutemen.
    5: I will make up 20 points in my fantasy Hockey league.
    6: The Twins will host a playoff game in the snow in their new outdoor stadium (Harmon Killibrew smiles).
    7: God will become a Cubs fan.
    8: Satan will give up on the Yankees.
    9: George Bush will learn how to fly a plane 40 years after being a "jet pilot".
    10. I will have affordable health insurance.


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