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  • Pokerface Pokerface Feb 11, 2008 6:07 AM Flag

    RAAATTTEE MY TEEAMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's hard to rate a team based solely on the players you have. You have to state how many teams are there in your league and whether the league format is H2H or rotisserie.. basically the most relevant settings in your league. But based on your players alone and the fact that is a standard 5x5, you're looking pretty good for a first-timer. You've addressed all your offensive positions. McCann looks good at C. You've got some speed in Soriano, Beltre, Byrnes and Roberts. You're looking decent enough in power. The fact that you have power from the SS and C positions is a plus. And your offense is relatively young so it can get better as the season rolls. I particularly like some guys on your offense who haven't reached their potential yet but are primed to do so.. like Hermida and Rowand. Watch out when you drop Kotchman though. He could be as primed for a breakout as the other two. The only drawback I see in your offense is that both Green and A. Jones are going to pull your batting average down a bit... unless this the year Khalil decides to reach his maximun potential, which will only prove true when he starts making more contact. Andrew Jones at Dodger Stadium does not entice me. The addition of Bill Hall could bring you more power and maybe a little speed if he re-settles at 3B for the Brewers and goes back to the way he was developing before last year. However he will further bring your average down along with Jones and Green. Kotchman on the other hand will give you a better BA.

    Your staff also looks okay. But dude add Rafael Betancourt right now if he's not taken. If Betancourt gets to close, do not think twice and drop Borowski. He will destroy your ratios. Betancourt is the ace and will close sooner than later. Rafael Soriano is great and will get a lot of save ops. Papelbon is a must have but might lose some saves to Okajima so keep Oka in your watch list. For starters, Bedard now in Seattle, Verlander and Shields all look solid. Je. Weaver too. But Carpenter is not ready for a comeback and Lowry I'm not counting on him having a great season. If I were you I start scavenging the wire for two or three more starters.

    You have a B+ team. Good luck.


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