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  • wet_more wet_more Feb 10, 2008 10:40 AM Flag

    Is it true?

    Is it rue that you can only do a keeper league in a plus league. If you can do it in a regular league how do i do it?

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    • It is possible to do a keeper in both formats. In a non plus league, you have to keep track of the number of keepers and league information. As for a draft, you have several options including an offline draft. I ran my keeper league in a non plus league for three years. For the draft (ten keeper), the managers were required to prerank AND draft their keepers in the first 10 rounds. Each year it happened that someone drafted the wrong guy and it sometimes messes things up, but as a commish, you can redo lineups and add/drop players on all teams. Its a lot of work. In a PLUS league, Yahoo! allows you to set up to 10 players predraft to a team. I changed it to that last year and it was great. Each guy in my 12 team league paid me 11 dollars to cover the cost, which was fine because stattracker costs roughly that much (it comes built in for all teams in a PLUS league) and the players in my league purchased that anyway. Hope that helps.

    • Don't know about plus but in free yahoo you simply do the work yourself. (if your not willing to do the work you probably shouldn't start a keeper anyway.)

      It is not difficult and takes only a little time to store roster and other data for the off season. Then you email the league when it is time for next season

    • I don't know if you can do a keeper league with Plus, but I do know that you cannot in a regular Yahoo league. If you are going to try and do one with regular Yahoo, it can't be an auto-pick league, unless you truly trust the other members of your league. You would all declare who your keepers are, and every league member would have to put these players on a "do not draft" list.

      If you do an online draft, you can just e-mail a list of the players being kept to all the owners and make sure that they do not draft any of these players. If you keep 5 players, use the first 5 rounds to draft your keepers, then start the real draft in the 6th round.

      An offline draft would be the best way to do it. Have the draft at someone's house (if you are all friends and live close together). If you have to do your offline draft online, don't use the Yahoo war room. Use an IM service like AOL instant messenger or Yahoo IM. This way no one can draft someone else's keeper.


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