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  • sfsc87 sfsc87 Feb 9, 2008 9:10 PM Flag

    Money Keeper League

    This is an 8x8 10 team keeper money league....buy-in is only $20 for the opening year so nobody feels too insecure by sending money out online; however, I assure you there is nothing to be insecure of. The cash prizes are $125 to first place, $50 to second place, and $25 to third place.

    Stat categories include:




    IP W SV K GIDP ERA WHIP QS (Quality starts... 6IP 3ER to earn one)

    This is an 8 player keeper league, with no more then 5 keeps from each side (hitting/pitching). Since every league has it's twist, this one does as well. The twist is that each manager picks a team, and from that team the manager picks two players to build around. To prevent it from being unfair, and franchise player stacking (i.e. Reyes/Wright), we have posted Funston's Big Board top 50 as a way to limit the second keeper choice. The first keeper choice can be anyone that you choose off the team you pick - the second keeper choice cannot be listed in the top 50. This was the easiest way to prevent franchise player stacking. In addition to this, you will be able to have the rights to 5 prospects of the team's farm system that you pick. Four of ten managers have joined, and this league is first-come first-serve for the team picks. But to avoid "best-team" picking, and rather to promote fairness, the draft will be ordered accordingly to the team's record that has been picked. For instance, if you pick the Red Sox (96-66), and another manager has picked the Mets (88-74), the manager with the Mets drafts before the Red Sox manager since they had a worse record.

    This league has four managers already and we have been playing together for a few years. There are a couple of managers that are on the fence about joining, so there should be anywhere from 4-6 openings as of now. The four teams that have been chosen so far are : Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, and the St. Louis Cardinals. There is alot of strategy to who you pick For instance, you could pick a team like the Marlins (71-91) and get Hanley Ramirez, plus another franchise player since you would have a top 3 pick in the draft most likely because of Florida's bad record last season.

    If anyone is interested, send an email to gryfan87@yahoo.com


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