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  • Tyler Tyler Feb 9, 2008 5:29 PM Flag

    New 3 Sport Keeper League starting up!

    I am looking to start a keeper league beginning with this upcoming baseball season.

    At the moment I don't have any managers but I think this will fill up pretty fast.

    Everyone will have 7 keepers for baseball, 5 for football, and 5 for basketball. I plan on having atleast 12 teams in the league. The leagues will have basic yahoo settings. In baseball there will be basic yahoo public league settings- the standard 5X5. I added an extra Utility spot and there will be 2 DL spots. In football we will make it a PPR league(point per reception). Other than that everything is standard. We will use the standard 5X5 in basketball as well.

    For the first season we will have all live online drafts, but after that we will change it to offline drafts. That way, managers can trade draft picks, and add keepers from the previous year.

    If you are interested at all please email me at phillies_phanatic6@yahoo.com or IM me at Eagles76PhiLs on aim. If I can get enough people I will make a yahoo group page for all the members to join. We could use this to keep track of keepers, vote on trades, and send emails to league members.

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