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  • BrewPub420 BrewPub420 Feb 7, 2008 4:58 PM Flag

    Yahoo's autopick is getting real damn screwy this year!!!!!!!

    I have had a few teams every year that auto pick. I refer to them as throw away teams because frequently they end up with old timers , d.l.'s and mid grade talent at best. But the one thing I could never accuse auto pick of not being is somewhat balanced. You always ended up with about the same quality hitting and pitching if you didn't play with the pre-ranks. In one team that apparently auto picked some time this morning here is how it went (I excluded Bonds , Clemens & Braun...cal me crazy but Braun reminds me of people like Kevin Maas , Bob Hamelin , Joe Charboneau etc;...I need a full season to trust a player) other than that I did nothing , I simply let yahoo pick based on their own ranking system. Here is how it went in the first 7 picks:
    1: Johan Santana
    2: Jake Peavy
    3: Erik Bedard
    4: Josh Beckett
    5: Jonathan Papelbon
    6: John Lackey
    7: Bobby Jenks
    great but if you saw my hitters balanced would be that last though on your mind , especially with the 3 2nd basemen that I ended up with....none worth a shit I might add. How does something like that happen? Just thought I would share that strange occurance with ya all.

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    • This is my 3rd year to play. I've been in auto picks each time because I just don't have the time for a live draft. I changed the player rankings somewhat from what yahoo has them ranked. So far,I've finished 1st twice,and I'm pleased with team I have this year. Doesn't mean I'll finish in 1st place this year, though I like my chances. Always the optimist.
      Ya'll have a great year.

    • The one I've done so far wasn't to bad but could've been better.

      Last year though I had one in which they drafted me 3 catchers but it was ok because it was McCann, V-Mart, and Piazza so I was able to stick V-Mart at 1B and Piazza at Utl. but still that was kinda weird.


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