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  • Aric Aric Feb 6, 2008 4:27 PM Flag

    Keeper Leagues

    I don't believe that Yahoo allows you to actually setup a keeper league. Two years ago, our commissioner was able to pre-set certain players for each team before the draft. That worked great. Last year, they didn't allow that and we had quite the cluster f--- when it came to drafting as not everyone showed up for the draft on time and didn't set their pre-draft rankings either. Made for some interesting times right after the draft, but all was well before the season started.

    My suggestion would be, if they don't allow commissioners to do presets this year, to make all of your managers set their first n-number (n being your number of keepers) of pre-rankings for the draft as their keepers for the season. That way, is someone shows up late, they should still only get their keeper to start off.


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