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  • David David Sep 2, 2014 7:08 AM Flag

    I was offered Forte, Romo, Sanders, & Burfict for Thomas, Dalton, & Matthews

    This is for a 2 QB league with half point per reception & IDP:

    I was offered:
    M. Forte - his 1st round pick (#8 OA)
    T. Romo - his 2nd QB (5th round - 48th OA)
    E. Sanderson - his 1st WR (6th round - (6th round 63rd OA)
    V. Burfict - his 1st IDP (9th round - 88th OA)

    D. Thomas - my 1st WR (2nd round #12 OA)
    A. Dalton - my 1st QB (6th round - 52 OA)
    R. Matthews - my 2nd RB (5th round - 49th OA)

    I've got an #$%$y trigger finger, should I pull it?

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    • Oh yeah! I'd take that! Romo is gonna likely outscore Dalton...DT and Mathews for Forte and Sanders is a push....and you would be getting one of the best LBs in the game for free. JUMP ON IT! Reap the rewards when Welker gets knocked out with a concussion again too. Because he will, then Sanders is a solid WR2.

    • Whats the rest of your team look like? Obviously, you're trading up at QB and RB, but down at WR. (I've never played in a IDP league, so i'm not real sure how to compare that portion) But, all in all, depending on the rest of your team, it looks like a win trade for you.


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