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  • Joe Joe Aug 27, 2014 9:17 PM Flag

    Manning Lesean trade. Help us make it fair

    Me and another team are trying to work out a trade for McCoy and Peyton. He is really interested and we have gone back and forth 5 times on potential trades but one of us always feels like the other is getting the best of the trade
    His Demands;
    D Thomas
    Ray Rice/Gerhart/Jennings

    My Demands;
    Luck or Kap
    Cameron or Jeffreys

    Can anybody think of a fair way to work out a trade here;
    He said he might be willing to be Manning, Thomas and Ray Rice for McCoy Luck and Welker (maybe cameron).

    Any help guys?

    My Team;
    QB- Peyton Manning
    WR- D Thomas
    WR- Desean Jackson
    RB- Le'Veon Bell
    RB- Toby Gerhart
    TE- Denis Pitts
    Flex- Ty Hilton
    K- Hauschka
    Def- Kansas City
    Bn- Maclin
    Bn- Jennings
    Bn- Ray Rice
    Bn- Tim Wright
    Bn- Gordon
    Bn- Moreno

    His team;
    QB- Andrew Luck
    WR- Aishon Jeffreys
    WR- Jordy Nelson
    RB- McCoy
    RB- CJ Spiller
    TE- Cameron
    FLEX- Bernard Pierce
    K- Dawson
    DEF- Chi
    Bn - Wes Welker
    Bn - Chris Johnson
    Bn - Decker
    Bn - C kap
    Bn - M Bennett
    Bn- Mike Evans

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    • Sounds like he's interested in the QB/WR combo. I think McCoy is going to have another stellar year and so will Manning, but McCoy's will be much easier to repeat (last season Peyton got to play the super soft defenses of the NFC east and the putrid AFC south...this year it's the slightly better AFC East and the vaunted NFC West). Luck should improve his numbers this year assuming most of his supporting cast stays healthy. Without checking bye weeks I'd say Luck/McCoy/Jeffries for Manning/D.Thomas/one of the 3 RBs is a good deal for you. Assuming the Jennings you listed is Rashad Jennings and not Greg Jennings...I'd give him Rice. You'd still have 4 RBs that are every down backs (though I do think Bell will be the closest to a time share).

      I'd do the deal you mentioned if it was Jeffries and not Cameron and any of those RBs, though I guess Rice is the biggest risk if Pierce finally takes advantage of his opportunity and pushes Rice into a RBBC scenario...I'd make Rice my first offer, then...probably Gerhardt...then Jennings.

      p.s.- I like Jennings chances to finish in the top 20, maybe even top 15 RBs this season.

    • I would NOT trade. Your team is already great. Giving up the league's best QB and 2nd best WR for McCoy is too high of a price to pay. For me to even consider a trade he must as a minimum give up Jeffery, forget Cameron in this context. Pitta may have a better year than him. He seems to be the one who is interested in a trade. I would counter Peyton and DT for McCoy and Jordy, take it or leave it.


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