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    WEEKLY CASH PRO PICKEM league with SPREAD AND CONFIDENCE-you found it...


    Folks - if interested I have a Pro Pickem League now open. Spread and Confidence points used to keep things spicy and not easily predicted - luck will need to be rolling with you too - but everyone's in the same boat, so in a way it evens the odds.

    Feel free to take a look before committing.

    Go to Pro Pickem Fantasy section -

    Group ID = 18089
    password = luck

    $25 entry fee - paypal only (instructions on league board)

    I run another pay golf league and football league and have many references that will vouch for my legitimacy. Payments always guaranteed prompt and correct.


    49 members at $25 = $1225 pool (1 free spot for commish)

    $50 to each weekly winner through the regular season (17 weeks - $850)

    Playoff weeks will not have weekly winners - but will count towards the overall scores.

    Overall winners (after playoffs)
    1st - $225
    2nd - $100
    3rd - $50

    Total payouts = $1225

    The spread and the confidence points keep some crazy luck involved so here's to some happy picking and some cash opportunities for you. Cheers.

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