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  • Christopher B Christopher B Aug 12, 2014 6:26 PM Flag

    New Yahoo! Draft App - DOES NOT WORK

    I am unable to complete a mock draft on my computer. First, every time I "test my system" a new page opens and the stupid progress circle fills up half way then nothing else happens. That's it. That's the test. I have to close out the window (it doesn't matter how long you wait) the test will never be complete. When the mock draft attempts to open, the draft has typically begun by the time it actually connects. If by some miracle the draft finally loads, I receive an error message that my connection has been lost when I attempt to click on any link within the draft. I've been using Yahoo! for fantasy sports since 2002 and have never had a problem with the draft. But if this doesn't get fixed, I'll be moving my degenerate #$%$ and my league to another site that, you know actually works, in 2 weeks.


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