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  • Gibbs Gibbs Jul 30, 2014 9:16 AM Flag

    Josh fu(%!^& Gordon

    Given the recent developments in his case, would you consider keeping him? Please understand, I don't have to choose my 2 keepers till August 27th, I'm just starting the convo to get others opinions.

    It seems he has a pretty decent case to beat the failed drug test. 70 tests passed and one just barely failed. And those samples may be questionable. I know he still has his recent DWI charge to deal with as well, but if he beats the failed drug test, would you still keep him?

    10 team league..1/2 PPR...no penatly for 2 keepers, no limit on years kept. Teams MUST keep 2. I have #3 pick when draft begins. My current possible keepers are Shady (locked in as #1 keeper), Gordon, Julio, D.Martin. Of course, what happens in preseason could change my mind on the 2nd one. As of now I'm keeping Julio. Gordon was gonna be #2 till all this started.

    My question: Let's say he beats the drug test, but not the DWI. How many games do you think he will get suspended for that? And would you still keep him even if he lost say, half the season?

    Just for your info, here are a few teams possible keepers. I want you to see that there will be a few 2nd round studs being dropped. I will still get a great player at #3 to get me through till Gordon returns. [Peyton, AJG, Gio].....[Lynch, Lacy, Cobb].....[JC, Ball, Dez].....[Brees, DT, Murrray].....Forte, Arod, Spiller, Ellington].....[Graham, Jeffrey, Marshall, Stacy]

    The elite QB's will almost definitely be kept, these are all friends/family, so I know. That means that Dez, Murray, Gio, Ellington, and Cobb will be the best available when the draft starts.

    I already know what happens over the next month will determine what I do. I'm just asking for your input as to what you would do if Gordon beats the failed drug test suspension.

    Thanks for your time!

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    • You should keep Julio and I think it's a no brainer since you don't lose any picks for keeping him. Julio will go 2nd round in most leagues this year, while Gordon could be drafted anywhere from the 2nd round to undrafted (depending on the outcome of his suspension).

      I think you keep Julio this year and then plan on drafting Gordon whenever you feel comfortable taking him in this years draft. Ideally you'll still end up with both of them and get debate the same decision next year.

      Good Luck!

    • Even if he wasn't suspended, his risk of future suspension is enough to keep Julio over him.


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