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  • Travis Travis Jul 23, 2014 12:37 PM Flag

    My question of the day is about Julio Jones - Thoughts appreciated

    This guy is a stud we all know that..
    but at the position he is at in drafts, man its a gamble in my eyes..
    New bigger screw inserted in foot and some strange surgery where they took tissue from hip and inserted into foot for quicker healing. I want him but how much gamble is he worth..
    Last year I owned him in two leagues and was doing awesome - he went down and so did both my teams never to recover. Losing your number 1 wr usually does that and it hurts..
    He was my second pick in both leagues last year..

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    • Id pass on him and see if he slips. If he slips you might have to grab him and if nothing else, consider moving him after the first couple weeks.
      hard to draft a guy early with the intention of trading him, but i did it with reggie bush in my ppr last year, moved him and luck for d thomas because i could afford it and wanted to shed the risk while i could.

    • Go to FootballGuys and read Dr. Jene Bremmel's articles on Julio's surgery. It's far less scary than reading the "edgy" #$%$ posted by Roto's idiots. Yes, it's a risk. But, not as big a risk as Roto's beat writer makes it out to be.

    • I'd avoid em man. Seriously, the WR pool is so deep that you can easily replace him. Unless he's there in the later rounds pass on him...


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