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  • Jason A Jason A Mar 19, 2014 10:45 PM Flag

    help please!!!!

    My recievers in a dynasty league are marshall, patterson, golden tate, reuben randle and terrance williams. Am I safe to trade away marshall? The other four are going to be real good options this year as they are all going to be starters. I need help at TE (gates only) and QB (brady only). I also have 2 1st round picks and have intentions of drafting watkins or evans if I trade marshall.

    What do I do?

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    • Marshallis not the be all that end all.............Marshall cannot throw himself hte football....the guy who throws the football to Marshall is always in the hospital ! and there is no McCown backup ...........There is always Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, U have C Patterson(awesome ) and Tate and Terrance Williams . Evans and B Cooks would be awesome additions and fit immediately into their teams. Get a QB with Marshall and Randle.....TE u can get later. seriously . Austin Seferian Jenkins of TB Kelce of KC yes cause he is the number 2 Target ...........and Ur pickof the litter with Obriens bunch. remember him , the creater of the 2 TE offense up there in New England but he is now with the Texans .......and ur pick of the litter would be in this Order Garrett Grahamd CJ Fiedorowicz and Griffin.......Pending on that depth chart order..........have a ball bro Peace ! Marshall cant score as many points as a stud QB .........Peace

    • Drew Brees has a new toy to go alone with the injured Colston and Deep threat Keeny Stills and his name is BRANDIN COOKS.........Sure trade Marshall cause WRs are deep and U can also get something fantastic for Marshall ....and in the draft u can get Brandin Cooks..and Cutler is always hurt so with No McCown backing up Cutler this year what is marshall gonna do . Dont be afraid to pull and Intelligent Trigger. Get rid of Randle too Giants down on him ALOT ! He is too inconsistant and they feel he doesnt get it and doesnt study enough . now theres a new offense so whats hes gonna do ? PLETHERA OF WRS.......Oh God Forget about Watkins People Please...........Who is throwing him the ball and they like to run. QB Manuel is very inconsistant at deep balls . Evans Hell Yes ! Brandin Cooks Hell Yes ! Odell Beckham Oh Yes ! RB to lick ur chops at .RB Terrance West Of Cleveland Tates is fragile and West is better anyway...........RB Jermey Hill Of Bengals . Gio Is a Hcange of pace back ..............RB Devonta Freeman of Atlanta Flacons cause Steven Jackson is old and always injured and has too many HARD MILES ON HIM ! . RB Tennesee Bishop Sankey cause Shonn Greene ....Yuk Really. Greene had Knee suregery as well . all this listed in the order I would like to take them .....Steal Of the Draft ............. TE Kelce of KC. Great like Reed of Washington plus KC has only 1 WR .so QB A.smith is gonna love that TE. Look at Obrien TEs too . Remember Obriend was at Penn State before that, Patriots ans what did he love. and create......2 TE monster system so Obrien of Texans has CjFedorowicz, Garrett Graham and Griffin. Ertz of Philly is great there also so u have choices. dont panic. I would try to get a QB for Marshall and Randle ..........Peyton Brees Luck RGIII Rodgers....U Know . Oh if u have space and especially if u get RGIII who should thrive under Jay Gruden ........take Backup QB Kirk Cousins too cause RGIII is and can be fragile ......Peace.

    • I would keep an eye on the WR from Wisconsin Jared A. he is the best route runner in the draft.

    • I would say wait until after the draft before making this call. Also is it a PPR if it is I don't know why you would even entertain the idea of trading Marshall. He is your only truly proven Wr and your talking about replacing with a rookie. I say use your Draft picks to draft a QB and a TE and your problems are solved. Sign Mallet as a safety net if Brady goes down. Or draft one of the WR's and forget the QB idea since none are of the quality of the last couple years QB's and sign Mallet

    • Unless you can get a significant upgrade at QB I wouldn't trade Marshall either. Wait till the season starts and see where Patterson, Tate, Randle, and Williams are. If two or three are putting up good numbers then it's time to sell high on someone. You have 3 WR spots and a flex, so without trading anyone you could use all 5 players through bye weeks etc. Trouble could be that the targets for the younger guys aren't there or are inconsistent for them to be weekly starters in PPR. You'd be hurting without Marshall.

    • We start 1 qb, 3 wrs, 2 rbs, 1 flex, 1 te, 1 def, 1 kicker.

    • Really deep pool so no real sleepers. Only possibilities may be robinson from the giants or ryan griffin from the texans as possibilities. No qbs to speak of.
      I turned down that offer then recieved another one, ryan mathews, rudolph and 12th pick for gates, marshall and 54th pick. I turned that down.
      I think I am going to keep my roster as is and try and draft ebron and kelvin benjamin. Those 2 seem to have a lot of upside, some saying stud potential for both.

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      • I think that's a good call. You will be just fine starting Marshall, Patterson, and Tate along with Gore, Rice, and Vereen at flex. Tate is trying to get punt return duties in Detroit too, and he probably will, so that helps a little with your scoring settings. Still having some depth for injuries or bye weeks. Ellington could break out now that Mendy retired. And Williams could too with M.Austin out of Dallas. I'm almost certain you won't get Watkins at #4. You might have a chance at Evans or C.Hyde though. Both should be good pickups. Then maybe grab a QB at #11 if there is still one there. I wouldn't worry too much about Brady. Yes, he had an off year. But he's also one of 5-6 QB's who threw the ball over 600 times last season. And that Brady to Vereen combo is gonna be nice. They also signed LaFell, so that will help assuming he can pick up the playbook quickly. You can worry about TE later, one will pop up like J.Thomas did. Someone probably has 3 TE's on their roster too, maybe you can get one cheap in the first few weeks. Keep an eye on L.Toilolo in ATL if hes still out there. He's replacing Gonzo, and he's 6'8".

        Also..that guy is trying like hell to dump R.Mathews...don't fall for it. He's now part of a 3 headed monster with D.Brown in SD...no thanks.

    • I would try to trade Patterson. I'm not convinced that he becomes a star, and his value is sky-high now, probably higher than Marshall's. You can probably get Rodgers and a TE upgrade for Brady and Patterson. If not, you can probably get Jimmy Graham for Patterson straight up.

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      • Matt might be overestimating the value, but he's right that this is prime time to trade Patterson...
        He's a big guy with all kinds of talent, did very well near the end of last year....
        He's in a new offense, with new coaches, at least two talented pass catchers that he'll share targets with and still no idea who's gonna be throwing them the ball... and there's a Running Back in Minnesota that's pretty much the focus of that team.

        Patterson's upside looks to be high to mid range WR 2 for fantasy, but a lot of people are convinced he's gonna have a breakout year so his trade value is sky high right now.

    • Other guy offered rudolph and 12th pick for marshall and 54th pick. Would be a big upgrade over gates at TE. TEs playing for norv torner produce very well traditionally..

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      • Again...I agree with Eric. I wouldn't make either trade. Patterson and Marshall make a nasty combo with those scoring settings. You're RB's aren't too bad either. Gore doesn't have the greatest value for dynasty purposes, but Vereen and Ellington do. And I'm a believer Rice bounces back this year for AT LEAST 1400-1500 TOTAL yards and 60+ catches. Vereen is good for 1200 yards and 40-50 catches at least as well, probably more. I think you stick with your team. Brady and Gates, while not ff superstars anymore, are serviceable for now. What TE's and QB's are in the FA pool from last year, not including rookies? Gotta be at least one who could break out. And what are your starting spots? 2RB 2WR? Flex spots?

      • No way I would make either trade! Marshall is the best player on your team, I wouldn't take an average TE or risky RB for him, I wouldn't take both players and the pick for him even if I got to keep the 54 pick..

    • It is a ppr league with return yards counting and tds counting. 14 team league. My picks are 4th and 11th. My rbs are ellington, rice, vereen and gore. I was offered ryan mathews and 12th overall pick for marshall and 54 th pick. The guy also has zach ertz and rudolph. So should I counter with one of his TEs and 12th pick? Since return yards count I like patteeson and tate a lot more as it makes both more valuable, so I am kind of comfortable trading marshall.

      That would give me 4th, 11th and 12th picks. Should allow me to get young WR, TE and QB.

      I do appreciate all your opinions. Thank you

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