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    WR help!!

    My four WR's right now are A Brown, K Allen, J Gordon, and Harvin. I can start two (no flex option). Harvin is on a bye and A Brown and Allen both have bad matchups. Should I considering dropping Harvin or Allen to pick up Colston? I am hoping if I drop Harvin I might be able to snag him back up after this week if no one grabs him right away, or I could fall back on Crabtree. Can Joe Haden keep shutting down everyone he faces? Could Allen be productive against KC? Is Colston equally as risky?

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    • AB and JG.

    • I wouldn't have a problem going with Allen over Gordon because of the Haden factor.

    • No. Colston is no longer in the same class as any of these 4. Brees spreads the ball around and even vs the awful Falcons no one other than Brees, Graham and Hartley are certain starters from the Saints. I'm starting Gordon, Allen and Brown in one league with confidence. Yes, Haden is the best shut down corner in the league, but he rarely excels vs short, quick players like Brown. KC gave up 12+ points to an opposing WR in 6 of its last 7 games and the Chargers passing game should be ideally suited to KC's defense. Gordon is the 5th highest scoring fantasy PPG WR and had monster games vs stronger pass defenses than the Steelers (KC and Cincy). Crabtree producing at the level of any of these 4 would also be a surprise. Good luck.

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      • Thanks for the advice. I think I have decided against Colston. I wouldn't want anyone picking up Harvin or Allen off of me for a one week replacement. I also never seem to fair well with Thursday night players. I just hope Graham has a huge game, because all my losses came when he got under 10pts in a game. Right now I am starting Gordon and Brown, but I am on the fence between Allen and Brown and which one I give the start come Sunday. I would like to think that Haden is due for a bad game. However, I also see the potential for a game that is low scoring like 13-9 where neither WR does anything. Allen still concerns me even though they say the knee is fine. He has had two bad weeks, has been targeted less, and Rivers is struggling.


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