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  • manfromearth manfromearth Oct 30, 2013 11:55 PM Flag

    Should I veto this trade?

    Jarrett Boykin/Zac Stacy for Ray Rice/Pierre Garcon?
    It seems ridiculous to me, but I don't want to be accused of preventing a fair trade from taking place.

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    • I can not see any reason to veto this deal. I am even not sure which side of the deal I prefer.

    • After looking at the stats, I see this trade may not be as lopsided as I originally thought, but I'd still like some opinions on this from my fellow fake football fanatics. Thanks!

    • Stacy will play Sunday. His injury is not that serious okay. Do a little research (re-watch the end of the game because Stacy came back in for two more runs).

      Spiller has a dreadful high-ankle sprain that is extremely severe, affects play, and takes several weeks to heal.

      Stacy gets a minor ankle sprain that only takes a week to heal minimum and will not affect his already short run style.

      Jeez, Spiller is a mess and everyone goes for him because he did great last year, but hate on Stacy because...of their own stupidity. Stacy ran for 134 yards against the Seahawks on 26 carries. He consistently ran the ball well on them throughout the entire game. You just do not do that to the Seahawks (49ers run a lot and they got squat against the Seahawks).

      Boykin is a big receiver (bigger than James Jones and probably even Jordy Nelson) and gets big yardage per catch (better than Garcon). What people do not realize is that Randall Cobb did not do much before breaking out last year. Boykin did not do much either...before breaking out in the last two games.

      It is a fair trade.

      The Ravens' offensive line STINK at run-blocking compared to the Rams (check the NFL special statistics records on offensive line performance). Pierre Garcon has inconsistent RGIII throwing to him for 9 yards per catch.

      Stacy is averaging more yards per carry than Ray Rice will ever for the rest of the season and will definitely get more yardage than Rice by season's end (based on the desperation of the Rams offense).

      Boykin's last two games compared to Garcon's last two: Boykin has about 200 yards receiving and a touchdown. Garcon has about only a hundred yards and ZERO TDs.

      Stacy will continue to play. So will Boykin. Randall Cobb is not coming back until the playoffs. Packers ar doing great so far in the season and they rather have Cobb fully healed than come back and risk the same injury. Rodgers will have Nelson, Jones, and Boykin going for the rest of the year.

    • The problem with this trade is that while it looks fair, the timing of the trade is highly suspicious. Whoever receiving Rice and Garcon is getting too good of a deal thanks to the injury that Zac Stacy suffered.

    • I assume u r the commish. I try to leave these to league vote unless it looks like collusion. Are these managers that you know? If so, you could talk to each one. If they are John Doe's then I'd let it go.

    • Why would you veto it ? What is so ridiculous about it ? If it addresses each teams needs who the H*#L are you to vote against it ? I hate owners like you that worry more about what other teams are doing as opposed to worrying about their own team. In fantasy football,every owner has their own opinion about each and every player. That's why we come to forums like this asking for suggestions. A Ray Rice owner may think that Zac Stacy is better,and vice versa. Who are we to put value on another owners team ?


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