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  • West, West, Oct 18, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

    Has anyone got Larried this year.

    weston says: You Got...........Larried, Larried is when you play Larry Fitz and instead of getting 20 points like he should ever Godamn game he gets you 2 or 3 and ruines you week and maybe even your season. well I got Larry on 5 teams this year and I am so tired of getting Larried!!!!!

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    • but, West....I'll join in the #$%$ session. last week, i had cobb, jones, shorts, bell, and graham....all injured in the same game. that should make you feel better! lol

    • sorry West, but you Larried yourself. you drafted him...he didn't draft you. the guy's injured. what would you like for him to do...heal himself just to save your fantasy a double s? if you're playing him over and over expecting a different result....that the definition of....uh, insanity. bench him and quit butting your head against a wall.

    • I got Larried ( and Gregged as in Jennings) last year on a team that on paper was a Championship contender. larry and Greg bought me down big time. I ended up cutting both of them by the 8th week. This year there was no way I was going anywhere near Larry and it looks like a smart move now.

      This year, Martin and MJD are not doing me any favors, but I'm still hanging in there and in a couple of cases have snagged good replacements like Moreno and Lacy on the wire.

    • I havn't got Larried as I didnt draft him based on the #$%$ QB situation, but i laughed HARD at this term you came up with for getting screwed by Fitz. Well done!

    • and I got megaturd and gronknoski also putting nails in my coffin weekly


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