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  • Zay Zay Oct 12, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    Rate My Team 1-10! I think I'm an 8!!

    QB-Mike Vick, Geno Smith
    RB- Doug Martin, Trent Richardson, Spiller, Lamar Miller and Darren McFadden
    WR- Fitz, Boldin, Sanders, Austin, Wallace, Woods
    TE-Finley, Bennett
    What is My team 1-10????

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    • is this a 10 team league? if so i give you a 4.. Grade D , if it is 12 teams, i give it a 5.5 Grade C... Vick has potential but cant rely ,,,, Doug martin is a bust, trent doesnt know the playbook in Indy, Spiller shares time - so does miller (thats 0 stud RBs) ... Fitz is overrated because the cards stink... boldin is decent ... austin cant stay healthy .. wallace is way too inconsistent --- you picked very talented players on horrible teams - that is not a recipe for success in fantasy football .. better luck next year

    • Giving you a 4. no one on this list has put up consistent numbers. But every week is different.

    • you have no qb, you have declining value in fitz and martin and it looks like you play in a 10 team league, so I say you dont make the playoffs...5.5!

    • ???? This is a second division team. 5.
      QBs: 6. Vick is injury prone, hurt again and only had 2 good Fantasy scores in the 4 games he played to the end. Smith is well outside the Top 15.
      RBs: 6. None of these guys have done anything. Lots of reputation, no results in 2013.
      WRs: 5. Outside of one big game each for Fitz, Boldin and Wallace, again none of these guys have done anything. I'm assuming Austin is Miles. If its Tavon, the grade drops to 4.
      TE: 6 Nothing special. Two TEs barely in the Top 10.

    • If Vick were healthy and playing I could see an 8. But now you're starting Geno and your WRs are mediocre at best. Decent TEs. Your QB situation is going to bury you though. Can't give your team more than a 6 or a C grade.


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