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  • Anthony Anthony Sep 16, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    Should I trade Micahel Vick?

    He's hot and has lots of value right now. Im afraid he doesnt last the whole season. I also have Russell wilson as my pirmary QB and I Was lucky I started Vick for Week 2. Just seems a waste to have one QB stats not being counted on my PPR league.

    I currently have Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte and Deangelo Williams as my primary backs. For WT, I have Brandon Marshall, Victor Cruz, Pierre Garcon, Mike Wallace and Cecil Shorts.

    Question is What value does Vick have now? I plan to package Vick and an RB or WR to get an elite RB or elite WR. Who would you guys package and who would you target?

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    • I agree with some of the other comments. If you can get value for him, and say pick up a Rivers or another decent QB as backup, why not? As a former Vick owner, I have zero confidence he will avoid injury. Certainly don't give him away.

    • And what if Wilson has more games like last night or gets hurt? What if Vick keeps being Superman and to cap it all off, his owner BEATS YOU IN THE FANTASY PLAYOFFS. Think about that. By keeping him, you have the option of playing him over Wilson if warranted and if not, AT LEAST HE CAN'T BEAT YOU playing for somebody else. The rest of your team is solid. You already have an "elite'WR in Marshall and solid #2s in Cruz and Garcon ( how many yards did they have combined yesterday?). RBs are fine. Charles and Forte can play every week and Williams will not kill you during bye weeks.

      I'd give my arm for a team stacked like this.

      There is no need to mess with this team just for the sake of wheeling and dealing.

    • I'm looking at the same thing. I trying to pry Cobb out of a team in my league that is dead at QB and stacked at WR. The same owner has T-Rich and he's incredibly down on him right now. I'm toying with the idea of offering Vick for T-Rich straight up and see what he does.

    • I moved Vick for White since Vick just backed up Ryan on my team and the owner started horrible. So my advice would to be look for an owner doing poorly with an underwhelming qb (Brady, newton, wilson ect...) and take what you can get before he's injured.

    • You should always trade any bench player that you can get good value for and improve another starting position. Vick is a great sell high candidate. He will be good when healthy, but we all know he will get hurt eventually.