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  • Tyson Tyson Sep 16, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Unfair Trade?

    I am the league Commissioner and there was a trade proposed of Carson Palmer for Arian Foster. I want to deny the trade because it is so lopsided and everyone in the league agrees, except for the two making the trade. Am I right in denying the trade? It really stacks the team that's getting Foster so it seems like a sketchy move. The person trading Palmer also has Rodgers and Brees and could easily trade on of them.

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    • I would veto this without a second thought. It's insane. Then ask what kind of favors are being traded...


    • It is an amazingly lopsided deal which should be denied.

    • Unless there's some sort of collusion I don't really think you should veto it. Did the Palmer-owner or Foster-owner propose it? If the Palmer-owner did then I'm throwing an offer his way and hoping to make out like a bandit, too.

      I don't think you should veto a trade just because it's not a trade you would make. Ultimately it's his team to do what he wants with.

      In one of my leagues last year, a new guy proposed his Gronkowski for Kyle Rudolph. Some people were up in arms because the guy getting Gronk was already pretty loaded and wanted to vote it down. But we talked about it and decided to let it go because, again, just because you don't agree doesn't mean it's not allowed.

      Gronk ended up getting hurt and that guy's stacked team finished in 4th

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      • It's stupid to fall back on the "trades should be vetoed only in cases of collusion" stance because it is highly unlikely that you can prove that an unethical agreement has taken place. There are some trades that upset the competitive balance in a league so greatly that they need to be vetoed. Who ever is getting Palmer is in no way getting close to equal value by shipping away Arian Foster.

        This trade is too lopsided and should be vetoed.

    • Yup veto it... And last year in one league someone traded Palmer for Jamal Charrles, and go figure the person that got Charles beat me in the championship solely because of that lopsided trade. Dude scored least points all season, yet won our championship and our commish is sackless and just passes every trade through.

    • You veto the trade, don't even hesitate. Since it sounds like more than half of your league is in agreement, then it is the right thing to do. This trade either involves cheaters, or someone so new to FF that the Palmer owner has very questionable ethics. Either way, the trade is so lopsided you have to veto. Tell him to make it Rodgers or Brees for Foster and you will let it go through. Depending on your settings, Foster still has more value than either of them. The Foster owner in this case is either very stupid or doing something very sketchy.

    • It does seem to be an unfair trade. Is the player trading Foster away New to fantasy football? If half the teams in the league agree to veto the trade then do it, that is my rule in the league I commish

    • Unless theres a weird lack of qbs on the waiver wire it maked no sense. Veto

    • Seriously? Veto that's stupid. As commish of my own league, I would give a warning and keep an eye on all future roster movement between those two teams.


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