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  • Raymos Zukow Raymos Zukow Sep 12, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    hadta make a move opinions please.

    i had 3 qb's vick,newton,wilson, i needed to eliminate one so i worked a trade n got roddy white n darryl richardson 4 vick,an desaun jackson i drafted vick with my last pick my question is did i move the right qb an was it a fair trade help me an i will gladly answer any questions you may have

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    • I'll go ahead and offer a contradicting opinion here. I think you could have done a fair bit better but aren't wrecked here. Roddy suffered his sprain at least what? Two weeks ago? He'll be back soon enough and will be fine. I think you should have gotten more than Daryl Richardson though, even if I think he'll be producing good numbers a lot longer than Vick. Vick WILL break down and I think it will be sooner rather than later. He looked old and hurting after three quarters of a game in which he dominated, just wait til the weeks roll by and the hits and competition builds up.

      In the end, I think you improved your team in the long run since Vick was literally useless to you with those two QBs and will likely break down soon enough, Roddy White will be fine given a few weeks, and Richardson has potential to be a stable flex starter at least.

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      • so my team looks like this then:
        wrs;megatron;white,antoine brown,wallace,thompkins,

      • Good points. I'll take back my previous statement. Now that I think about it, I've missed one key fact about this trade. You are very strong at QB so trading an asset that is of no benefit to you is a good move. By doing so, you've strengthened your team down the road. You might have been able to get more out of the deal but it's not as bad as a move that I originally thought it was.

        I still stand by my statement that it is better to ask our opinions about trades before you make them. If you do so before the act, you will get constructive criticism. If you ask after the trade, it only invites criticism.

    • Yeah. I agree with William. There is no point in asking for our opinion. Your just inviting everybody to beat you up over the move that you made. If you asked us before you made the trade, then you would have got constructive criticism and would have been given ideas to make the best move possible.

      With that being said, you got ripped off. You traded a healthy desean jackson for a receiver who has a high ankle sprain and will be limited for 3-4+ weeks.

    • ???? If you have already done the trade, what does it matter what we think, plus if it was not a good move in your opinion, why did you do it?


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