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  • TOR TOR Sep 10, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    Tony Romo

    Why is he on the cannot be dropped list for yahoo public leagues? Seems completely out of place relative to the other players (e.g., AJ Green, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, etc.).

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    • I don't know how many teams you have in your league, but unless it's 8, Romo's probably decent trade bait if you just don't want him. I've had him the last 3 years and used him as a backup (and wished many times I had started him, when healthy). He's my main guy this year as I didn't go for a QB until round 6 and higher ranked QB's were taken. Thought he was going to do better Sunday night. He didn't, but he will. He will have some spectacular games and some like Sunday. Dump him for nothing and see how fast he gets picked up.

    • Why would you want to drop him?

    • Did you look at the list before the draft, well then it is your fault? I did because in 8 teams leagues or smaller I wanted the ability to get the HOT players. I did it for all positions. The way to get around that is to draft your backup QB later in the draft, because generally most players on the Can't Cut are QBs. By the way he did throw for the 9th most yards in NFL HISTORY last year, almost 5000 yards, that is a very good reason to put him on that list. Sorry if your belief of how good he is doesn't match with the numbers but I'll take the numbers over your "can't make the clutch play Romo" anytime. On field winning % for Dallas has ZERO to do with your fantasy team. Haven't you learned this yet.

    • Because you are playing in a No Cut league. Lesson learned. Never Play No Cut

    • Agreed.....this is ridiculous......I drafted him in the 10th Round [as a backup QB] and now I can't dump him...

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      • Romo has been a top 10 QB for the last 6 years, he is a proven commodity with tons of talent around him. If you feel like you need to drop him for a first week wonder or simply because of the first week results then you are too impatient. If you want to pick up a RB/WR/TE then you should have reviewed the can't cut list prior to drafting.


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