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  • Khan Khan Aug 27, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    Beware this Dictator Commissioner

    Watch out for the commissioner nancharoldataoldotcom, his league names are usually LONG BEACH L.I. I made a trade offer, the other guy accepted, the commissioner rejected, we defended our position on the message boards, he locked us out, been locked for almost 3 months. His reasoning was that he didn't give a #$%$ about what we thought and his thoughts on the trade was the only thing that mattered, he kept saying "I don't care about fantasy sports because I've been shot, I lived through hurricanes, and other things like that. Just hoping to save others from this commissioner, because he is a commissioner that "doesn't care" about you.

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    • Bench your team and leave, he'll eventually get tired of playing inactive teams and replace you or the league will go away, I can't believe you stayed 3 months! thanks for the heads up though, and good luck with whatever league you find next.

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      • Thanks, it is a 10 team league and 2 teams are locked out so he's down to 8, but everyone is seeing what is going on and they won't say a word because they don't want to get locked out. What is really funny is the commissioner turned right around and posted that he was ready to do a trade almost exactly like what I tried. Talk about throwing it your face. I realized that his fun comes from this sort of thing because he locked out everything except posting. He wants to see others get upset and squirm so he can get his kicks and do the opposite of what they are asking so they'll get more irritated and he can laugh some more. I find this type of behavior disturbing and weird, essentially it is him laughing at others misfortune that he creates, sounds like the guy from the movie SAW.

    • I play a few custom leagues each season in which I don't know a single owner in the league on a personal basis. When i join these leagues, I understand from the beginning that the worst might happen. It's a risk I'm willing to take...because though i always play to the best of my ability, i realize that at any moment, some unscrupulous commissioner may stick it to me..but what am Ii really losing? I can say 'so what' to such situation...because the one league that I get about 99% of my enjoyment from is a local league composed of people I know well and trust. You say your commissioner "doesn't care about you"? so what? Unless you have money on the line...so what? It's a game.

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      • I simply wanted to share with others in hopes that I might save someone else from having to go through that. I commend you for being able to shrug it off so easily, I'm learning it. In 12 years of Yahoo fantasy sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball and 20-25 leagues each) this has never happened to me, so it is kind of hard to take, but it is getting easier. Although I never want to say "I don't care" and really mean it, goes against everything I was brought up to believe in.

    • We asked him to replace us and he won't. I've been a commissioner and had irate owners about trades before and was extremely happy to replace managers if that is what they wanted, simply to get managers that wanted to be there and to have a happier league. I thought that is why most people create a league is to have fun, I am starting to think that this type of control of others is his idea of fun. Just BEWARE of him


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