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  • Pete Pete Jul 22, 2013 4:52 AM Flag

    ALMA Mater NFL Keeper Lge

    Unique new 'Exclusive' league:
    Each owner supplies one fantasy team,
    with NFL players who went to a specific handful of colleges.

    Each starting lineup has 11 on offense and 11 on defense, plus a kicker. IDP earn key points.

    We each start out with our favorite college football program.
    Preferably our alma mater. Or, at least, a team you grew up rooting for.
    Looking for diehard CFB fans, who follow the alumni in the pros.
    And who've played Yahoo fantasy football for a few years.

    We’re sharing data a few of us are compiling. To help you see which schools produce the most NFL players and stars, at various positions.

    Most schools are available, as you'll be among the first in.
    All but these five (and more as they are claimed):
    Florida, Oklahoma, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin.

    We'll have over a dozen owners. We'll take turns picking other schools.

    If interested, let us know how big a fan you are of your favorite program. How long you've rooted for it, if you grew up nearby, if you're an alumnus. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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    • We’ll each stock a fantasy squad with alumni of several specific colleges. Which we’ll take turns choosing. Aided by info the league shares, on NFL alumns for each college.

      Many premier programs remain available.
      Those claimed include Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Cal, UCLA.

      The rest of the CFB landscape is wide open.
      For you to lead your alumni and alums of other schools in your expanding kingdom ... to NFL fantasy supremacy.

    • Still plenty of top collegiate programs available.
      Ones claimed include Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Oklahoma, UCLA.
      The rest is wide open, for you to lead your alumni (and alums of other schools you choose) to NFL supremacy.

    • In this new keeper league, we each start out with a favorite college FB program.
      Then we'll take turns choosing more, to exclusively control their NFL players. We'll each end up with at least a handful of universities.

      We get to 'keep' many of those colleges, to start each season.
      Thus you want programs that already have alumni in the pros at various or key positions, as well as those with current stars who will soon enter the NFL.

      Most elite and upper-level CFB programs are still available, for your initial school.
      Ones taken include Alabama, Florida, N.C. State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State, WIsconsin. Others pending.

      Hope to hear from more rabid fans of both the NFL and CFB programs that produce several pro stars.

    • Welcome Matthew, for Rolling with the Tide.

      Most top collegiate programs are still available.
      Note a contact to reach you. And please tell about your favorite college program, the one you'd like to join representing.

    • If the Tide a still available I'd love to be in. Fan from birth and graduate. At some places they play football, at Alabama, We Live It! RTR.

    • Perfect start, to our 'outside recruiting." Mason is our new resident LSU fanatic. Lifelong. And he lives right by Tiger Stadium.

      Looking for 'Bama, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Miami-Fla., Florida State, Ohio State, Southern Cal and other football powerhouses. As well as schools that have produced several NFL standouts.

      Only ones taken thus far: LSU, Florida, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State.

    • I'm interested. I've been a diehard LSU Tiger fan since I was a kid, and I live near Tiger Stadium. If you would like me to join, let me know.


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