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  • James James Jun 30, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    Matt Ryan or Russell Wilson?

    we get one keeper in this league. the keeper you choose will be drafted this year where they were drafted last year. this means I can keep Matt Ryan and he will be my 6th round pick or I can keep Russell Wilson and since I picked him up off waivers he will be my last year pick in the draft. OR should I use a 2nd round pick and keep Matt Forte? It is PPR format.

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    • Wilson since he is so cheap. Doesn't mean you can't still draft Ryan again.

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      • with Wilson's rushing numbers and his much improved passing numbers he out performed Ryann a few weeks down the streach last year. If I use a keeper I won't be drafting another QB till late, like a Palmer or Big Ben as my QB2. Ryan is maybe the better option but I don't think by much and I think I can make up for that with another WR pick a round earlier instead of QB that early in hte draft.

    • If it's 6pt passing TDs keep Ryan... if not keep Forte

    • Out of the three Ryan is the proven commodity. I just checked three of my leagues...all PPR and Ryan was top 10 in all of them. Forte is very replaceable. Wilson....sophomore season...they added Percy Harvin, but that's a team that's VERY dedicated to the run, whereas in ATL, the offense goes through the QB. That and it's a new NFL...good QB's are far more important than RB's, ESPECIALLY in a keeper.

      Suck to lose Wilson, but Ryan...He's going to throw for 4-5K and around 30 TD's a year. If your league is a 6pt passing TD league....honestly...I don't know why we're even having this conversation.


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