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    I can keep 3, loose the round (or the one above it if two are from same round) that they were drafted in...

    10 Team league Non-PPR: QB WR WR WR RB RB TE K DEF

    my picks (pick overall is in the braces) : 1 (9), 1 (10), 2 (20), 3(30), 4 (40), 6 (60), 7 (70), 8 (80), 9 (90), 10 (100), 11 (110), 12 (120), 13 (130), 14 (140), 15 (150)

    1: Arian Foster -
    1: Ray Rice
    3: Greg Jennings
    4: Demaryius Thomas
    4: Steven Jackson
    6: Tony Romo
    10: Matt Ryan -
    10: Sidney Rice
    13: Michael Crabtree
    13: Lance Moore
    ND: Danny Amendola -
    ND: James Jones
    ND: Dennis Pitta

    dashes are the ones i'm thinking about going with, but i want your input.

    also if I keep Foster and Rice, I only loose one of my 1st round picks, and my second round pick. (traded Marshall for a 1st round pick last year... and still won the league lol!!!)

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    • Foster, Rice, Amendola. First 2 are no-brainers to me. Amendola will be going around round 5-6. Super value there. Thomas and Jackson could easily be replaced here but provide less overall value. If most players keep their 1st and 2nd rounders. There will be plenty of guys for you in round 2 and 3. You may be able to pick up one of the guys you released if you want.

    • I would keep Foster and Rice for your first and second round pick, especially if you still have a first round pick left. The 3rd player I'd keep would be D. Thomas for a fourth. He won't last till then in any draft and you could pick a QB in the 5th easily or if you don't want to take a risk get one in the 3rd.

    • i would do Foster, Ryan, Pitta Pitta is going to have a monster 2nd year and your not really losing anything by keeping him and ryan was drafted so low last year its a great value so after foster you should have no problem filling out a solid roster in rds 2 thru 10 then in your draft your only targeting receivers and 1 back which you will have no problem doing.

    • Ryan is easy
      I would keep Crabtree, I know he won't help this year BUT he should be a WR2 next year.
      And I would keep Steven Jackson. Good value in the 4th.


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