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  • Sean Sean May 10, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    New Scoring Options

    Typical scoring options are biased towards passing with the same receiving/passing yards and TD's getting double-counted as points for WR's/QB's. Furthermore, fantasy football ignores an entire position class, namely the O-line (which were 5 of the first 10 selections in the past draft).

    To resolve these problems, I think a new "OL" position should be added as an option that gets points at the same rate as a QB for passing yards/TD (1 pt per 25 rushing yds, 4 pts per rushing TD). They could also get negative points for sacks or negative rushes allowed. This would be helpful in situation where a team split carries between multiple backs, then you can pick up their OL and get credit for all of their rush yards regardless of who carries the ball. It also gives more value to good teams that might be winning and thus pass less (i.e., somewhat counteracts garbage time points by players on losing teams).

    Another new option is to change PPR to Point per First Down. WR's would still have a slight advantage since pass plays are more likely to gain 10+ yds and are attempted more frequently on 3rd down, but at least an RB would get a justified bonus for converting a 3rd-and-short.

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