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  • Andrew J Andrew J Jan 17, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Couple Keeper Questions

    I am in a few keeper leagues for the first time this year. I can keep 1 player in the round they were drafted. .5ppr leagues

    League 1- Percy Harvin in 4th or Matt Ryan in 6th

    League 2- Demaryus Thomas in 3rd or Michael Crabtree in 10th

    League 3- Doug Martin in 3rd, Dez Bryant in 4th, VJax in 5th

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    • League 1: Ryan
      League 2: Crabtree
      League 3: Martin

    • Matt Ryan in the sixth is a steal,
      Crabtree will be a 4-5 rounder this year getting him in the tenth is like having an extra draft choice...keep him as long as he keeps producing
      Martin will jump up to a 2nd rounder and is a great option there...however VJax in the 5th is tempting.

    • Martin and Harvin would be my easy picks. Martin's a steal at 3 and QB is too deep to worry about getting a value (and Ryan at round 6 isn't a screaming value). In league 2 Crabtree seems obvious and would be my choice, but you risk significant regression as we simply don't know what his likely workload will be when the 9rs have a healthy WR corps, but he still figures to have more relative value at 10 than Thomas does at 3.

    • Id keep Harvin as Id imagine Ryan can still be had in the top 4 rounds, Thomas as he was a top 10 player and Crabtree has had his best games of his career the last 10 weeks and is facing sexual assault charges and Martin as he had similar numbers to Arian Foster on fewer touches.


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