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  • Nate Nate Jan 6, 2013 7:18 PM Flag

    New to Keepers, looking for advise

    So my friends and I decided that we are going to do a 2-keeper league going into next season (standard scoring, non-PPR). I am a long time fantasy player, but have never been in a keeper league. I won the league this year with a pretty stacked roster so my options are plenty. My first keeper is a no-brainer as I have Adrian Peterson. The second one is more complicated and here are the options:

    QBs: RG3, Cam
    RBs: Doug Martin, CJ Spiller
    WRs: Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas

    Originally I was pretty set on keeping RG3, but the more I sat on that idea I began to second guess it and have made legitimate arguments for and against each one of these players. Being new to Keepers, I was wondering if there is a certain way of thinking I should take into account when making this decision? Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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    • If the keepers do not cost a round in the draft, then take your two best players. Adrian Peterson and RGIII or Newton. RGIII has more injury risk, and he could have a sophomore slump next year.

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      • That was the dilemma I found myself going back and fourth over in my head. Figuring the other teams in my league will keep any elite quarterbacks (Brady, Rodgers, Brees, etc) there may not be a whole lot of better options at QB out there. I just cant decide which one between the two I should keep. You hit it right on the nail about RG3 but when healthy no doubt the dude is special. Cam had a down year by some standards, but is capable of doing many of the same things RG3 can do without the injury risk. Im torturing myself over this decision!!!!