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    I've been in a fantasy league with the same group of friends since 2009, and we're finally considering starting a keeper league. It's a 10 team league and we're keeping one player each (giving up the same draft pick we took them with) and maybe extending it to two in the 2014 season. One issue we're having concerns free agents. For example, one of the guys wants to keep Alfred Morris, who he picked up in free agency after week one. Should he be able to keep Morris, or do we make the keepers consist of only the players we drafted? Thanks.

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    • Well don't take this personally but you should switch to auction. (If you run the numbers it is way more fair) Anyway as to your dilemma I suggest implementing say a top 25 and top 50 rule where any free agent picked up who ends being a top 25 scorer is a 4th rounder and top 50 a 7th or 8th out of top 50 can be a last round pick. Or just don't allow any free agents to be kept. Or determine the status of the player directly above and below said player in terms of points and average their draft status say Lynch is a second rounder and say Dez Bryant is 4th in terms of round making Morris a 3rd rounder. Anyway hope this helps.


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