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  • Papa Sixer Papa Sixer Dec 30, 2012 3:08 AM Flag

    Off Topic Discussion -- NFL Football in L.A.

    I'm in San Jose near the SF Bay area. This town is awesome for sports fans. Giants are world champs, 49ers are strong and the Sharks are always a threat in hockey. However our neighbor to the south is always in the back of my mind . . . Los Angeles.

    How is it that the NFL commish's office has not attempted to bring an NFL team to (arguably) the largest city in the United States? The last time L.A. had a team was 1994 -- 18 years ago. I can understand a few years because the logistics are difficult, so maybe 7 years, but at this writing (as far as I know) there are NO PLANS, no serious considerations for any team -- meaning it's going to be another 5 years, at best.

    I posed this question to some sports writers asking why they weren't pushing the issue (asking the same questions) at press conferences. Jason Cole wrote me back and said "The reality is, unless some rich guy buys a team and moves it to L.A., it's just not going to happen."

    One argument is that the NFL would need to start multiple expansion teams to equal out some leagues such that the numbers work out fairly. Yeah, I see that, I also see our area has two teams and L.A. is twice our size, so let them have 4 NFL teams throughout their suburbs (I.E; Ventura, Pasadena, Downtown and Anaheim). Problem solved.



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