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  • Not Me Not Me Dec 25, 2012 12:55 PM Flag

    Yahoo FF week 17 problems in playoffs?

    Well that's pretty #$%$ if they're waiting for possible corrections. Never happened any other week, usually byu Tuesday morning they are showing next week's match up already, and you have to go hunting for the game that just finished.
    Pretty tough to plan for championship game when they don't advance the teams, and don't show match ups, with projected points, even thought they're mostly way off base.

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    • Championships are on the line this week. Most teams had their playoffs. So the stakes are high and expectations as well. People blow a gasket during the regular season over Stat Corrections. Imagine the fallout if someone had been declared the the "Champ" Tuesday only to be "Chumped" on Thursday.

      You can see who won or lost and figure out who you will play next week. And yeah if you depend on Yahoo's projections, you are at a disadvantage already.

    • OMG Quit crying. You can still see your players, and your projections for week 17.
      Quit wasting time here complaining and go waste time setting your lineup


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