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  • James James Dec 24, 2012 10:31 AM Flag

    experts not worth much

    I usually don't listen to experts and go with my experience knowledge, but of course this last week I thought hey they get paid for this and went with advice/research form several resources...and it cost me a championship...thanks "professionals" are as worthless as spit.

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    • Fantasy Football is highly subject to randomness, and anyone who trusts the so-called experts is likely to be fooled by randomness. Here's what that means. If the adviser you trusts makes bad calls and gives bad advice, you can be sure the adviser has no skill. However, the opposite does not hold. If an adviser makes good calls and gives good advice, you cannot be sure the adviser does have skill--the adviser may just be lucky this time, and you may be exposed to disaster next time you trust them.

    • The experts provide their opinion, but you are the one who sets your lineup. You must have agreed to some extent or you wouldn't have listened. I had several weeks where I had a guy from my bench outscore a much higher ranked starter. Welcome to fantasy football. If everyone knew the results before it happened that would be anticlimactic.

    • Fantasy is a #$%$ shoot, winners are often decided by what the opponent did wrong versus what you did right.

    • Even the "pros" are only right about 60% of the time. The website fandecisions allows you to answer questions each week and it grades you throughout the season. I am in the top 10 in percent correct at 59.24%. I can tell you from experience, you can spend countless hours preparing all you want...once the games start you have no control over game situations, injuries, etc. I have said for years that fantasy football is about 40% luck...this website just proved me right. Anyone who disagrees hasn't played long enough, or just doesn't really understand the game.


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