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  • DiniS DiniS Dec 18, 2012 4:18 AM Flag

    In a 12 team keeper league and i Wheeled and dealed my way to 2 1st round picks in the top 4 next year. and 2 3rds as well

    Im keeping Jimmy gaham for 1 of my 3rds, alfred morris for a 13th, demarius thomas for a 14th and jordy nelson for an 8th. (keepers are set since last years season (THE LEAGUES 1st Season), our system is you must keep for 2 rounds lower than drafted or kept the previous year (Meaning you cant keep a 1st or 2nd pick and to keep a 3rd, it costs a 1st, etc., up to 4 keepers. I kept thomas nelson and graham this last year, and these are the picks i now get them for next year, and morris, i got 15 rd this year so to keep, he is 13th next year.

    Because I already have these 4 keepers, i made a big move and got 2 1st round picks for next year (BEFORE WE KNEW WHEN ID GET TO PICK), and based on this seasons results, I get either 1 or 2 and 3 or 4 picks depending on this weeks results.

    best case i get 1 and 3. worst i get 2 and 4. can also get 1 and 4 or 2 and 3.

    My question is, Do I get 2 elite RBs next year? or 1 RB 1QB? or (my last choice) 1 RB 1 WR? It is a ppr league so WR get lots of points. But I feel like if I got Foster+Rice or Peterson, my team would be unbeatable. But if i got foster and rogers or brady, would it be better?

    No one talks on the draft board right now, so i put it in general. P.S. i don't have a 2nd, 4th or 5th pick.

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    • Take the elite RB and the elite QB. You already have some good WRs and a good RB, so you need an elite RB to go with Morris. that leaves you with every major position covered but QB, so if you don't take one, you have to bet you draft another RGIII in the later rounds of the draft.

    • How do you even know Foster, Rice and Peterson aren't going to be kept next year? Hard to give advice when we don't know who's going to be available.

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      • I know they will be available because you have to keep players 2 rounds under what they were drafted for or kept for the year before.

        Players drafted in the 1st and 2nd rounds, cannot be kept, because 2-2 or 1-2 is less than 1.

        if you keep your 3rd rd pick, it costs a 1st.

        I drafted morris for a 15th so i keep for a 13th

        i kept graham for a 5th this year so can keep for a 3rd. i kept nelson for a 10th this year so i get for an 8th and i kept thomas for a 16th this year (drafted 18th last year) so i keep for a 14th. You see?

        anyone who has been a superstar for the last 2 years or more, was never able to be kept because they were drafted in the 1st 2 rounds. you get it? ie: foster rice peterson brady brees rogers, etc.

        most people kept are guys that got drafted late and turned out amazing, like my guys above.


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