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    Yahoo Fantasy Rules Changes Needed/Playoff Changes as well

    Rule Change: Since its a common fact in most if not all sporting even that require teams, why not have a rule that causes a Fantasy Team to FORFEIT their game/week points for not submitting a roster of able players? If any Coach in the NFL could not field a rostered team that could play, they would FORFIET!

    This rule would stop the hoarding of players that miss a few weeks and cause mgrs to Utilize the FA/WA market players as it is intended to be used.... It would also encourage trades...

    There any mgr that submits a roster with a blank sport or a player that is IA/IR/NA/OUT would end up lossing the game and the total points for that week. Seems fair and objectively prudent in making this more practical as it relates to real/live sporting events.. Try it U will Like it.

    PLAYOFFS: This system is a joke.... Its a silly gesture to take a team/mgr that has taken their team to the Number 1 in the league and then have that (best team/mgr) subjected to loosing the crown to a #4 team record of 8-7 or worse.. I had a team 8-1 and lost. Go figure? Lets just play the 16 games and the crown goes to the league leader... With the new rule change I submitted... If you really need a chance to win championships or have playoffs, then just after 16 games, let each team points be counted (all games/both active and bench points scored for each week) and the team with the greatest total point maker, WINS.... SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.

    if that doesn't work, then create a divisional playoff between leagues that are the same and let the computer generate a playoff systems that takes the four teams from two leagues and mesh them into the playoffs? At least we are not playing against the teams we just beat with the exception of the #2 teams in the corresponding leagues as WILD CARD contenders... Sounds good to me. Are you all on board?

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    • Its funny that in the first half, all you talk about is realism, and that in real life coaches wouldn't be able to submit a roster that has missing players so fantasy owners shouldn't be able to do it either. Then in the second half you go the opposite approach and say that playoffs are ridiculous and a #4 team shouldn't be able to beat a #1 team, and yet playoffs are a fact of life in most sports and this happens all of the time in real life. I think you need to go back to the drawing board and decide whether or not you want realism or a bunch of stupid rules because your 8-1 team wasnt good enough to win.

      First off, if you can't beat a team that is playing one guy short, then you don't deserve to win anyways. So a forfit shouldn't make a difference. And second of all, if you don't like playoffs, then set up your league so it doesn't have them. I've played in league where it goes to week 16 and the team with the best record or most points wins it all. But don't cry about the system at the end of the year because you lost. Set it up before the season begins so it's fair for everyone.

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      • totally agree. I am the commish in my league and at draft day I let everyone know that if any game is "thrown" like stated above or mgr's did not set their roster than, I as the commish will lock their team give them a lost or I set their roster for them. My league is a money league so things have to be spelled out like that.
        Playoff are as follows... I have 3 div with 4 teams ea. Div winners advance regardless of record. and then the remaining five teams advance by record then points.... Set up prior to start of season...

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