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  • John D John D Dec 11, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    RE: Dez Bryant- F*** YOU YAHOO

    Seriously? Just like that without waiting to see. I heard yesterday afternoon they were going to wait and see. It was on NFL. chuckling... sorry I thought I was drop happy.

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    • Way to break it down John D!
      Wonderin' if you'd weigh in on my quandary -- do I start Dez (a loyalty play, in part, 'cuz he's been rockin the house the past month), James Jones, or Kenny Britt (Mon. night special)?

    • But isn't a definitive-sounding update from a NEWS organization like Yahoo supposed to make it unnecessary to "wait and see"?

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      • Before I DROP a top tier player, I would confirm such news from multiple sources. If I felt I needed to make a quick move to pickup a hot FA WR to potentially compensate, I would try to drop some other non-productive load on my bench before I would just drop an every day starter like Bryant. On the other hand I would pickup an FA at the drop of a hat if there was news that the starter on someone elses's team took a hit (again dropping some non-productive player/lowest man on the totem pole) as long as the drop did not cost me much capital at the promise of a high payoff (e.g., picked up Bryce Brown within minutes of getting the word that McCoy was concussed). Working your bench, the waiver wire, and FA's takes a little savvy, finesse, and patience to avoid making regrettable/non-reversible moves such as what you did. Hell I would keep Bryant until I actually saw red IR next to his name on the Yahoo player listing. I've hung on to top tier players for weeks until the the team finally made up their mind to put them on IR. MJD is rotting at the end of my bench because the Jags have not ruled him out definitively for the ROS.

      • Relax. If I was defending Dez I would smack his hurt finger every time right at the line and every time he reached for the ball. He may not last long. I guess it's like the Internet, if they say it's true on the internet it has to be right? Same with Yahoo.


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