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  • Jonathan S Jonathan S Dec 11, 2012 4:23 PM Flag

    Anti- Competitve Clause????

    Your commissioner was 100% right. If you refuse to pay the league fee as a result of this then that would be one of the weakest moves I've ever heard of. Did you also do your son's homework for him so he could pass his classes in school?

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    • I disagree. It's MY TEAM. I can play or not play anyone I want to. I should have the right to drop my whole team. It's MY TEAM...I think it is similar to if a star player gets benched because his team has clinched a berth...What can I do...nothing...Why is this not similar...The NFL teams do it...they bench their players so they don't get hurt...what's the difference???

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      • Can you say....COLLUSION!

        Your commish is 100% right and you sound like a total #$%$.

      • Don't compare what you are doing to what NFL teams do... They rest their stars because they clinch a playoff berth and so they don't get hurt playing a meaning less game... You aren't benching FOSTER because you don't want to save him, you are benching him so he doesn't help beat your son... TOTALLY different.

        Just think of what you would think if this happened to you...
        You need TEAM A to lose so you can make the playoffs, but the team playing TEAM A benches all his players so you now have no chance at playoffs... Wouldn't you be venting here saying that it isn't fair?


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