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  • Bushmaster Bushmaster Dec 9, 2012 9:19 PM Flag

    Bogus Interceptions

    Wrong. And you did my work for me. It's quite clear that an interception is the QB's fault, the receiver's fault or a fluke. There needs to be a differentiation. It's not all just a retarded "Its the Quaterbacks fault" in all cases.

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    • It's not wrong. Look at the definition of "interception" in regards to sports oh wise one. They are not going to change the history of how the stat is recorded AS WELL as the definition of the word itself due to Bushmaster's fantasy quarterback getting charged with an interception because the receiver missed the catch. You may think you are that important but you are not.

    • Let me get this straight... In a league that already heavily favors Quarterback play, you want to further change the rules so that they aren't responsible for where they throw the ball? A tipped pass for an interception should have been thrown more precisely, or not at all. That's why the QB gets the INT, not the receiver. Just because your FF QB cost you points doesn't mean your dumb ideas merit any consideration.


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