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  • Bushmaster Bushmaster Dec 9, 2012 8:12 PM Flag

    Bogus Interceptions

    "Welcome to fantasy football. I take you haven't played very long?"

    Umm, son, get me a latte. Now. Before I ban you.

    Not saying it hasn't been a constant since day one, but I AM saying that it's time for a change. And as soon as you ask your Mom if it's okay, you should agree with me. Receivers causing turnovers should not be charged to the QB. If you disagree then you should posit some sort of rational discourse instead of useless banter.

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    • Your original post doesn't have a single rational statement in it... but I'll play along with you.

      Your QB threw the ball.
      The other team caught it.
      It's an interception.

      Is that better for you?

    • Close to the dumbest thing i've read in a while. Congrats. If they made such a Forrest-Gump-Retarded change then how would one determine whose fault it is? A tipped pass could have been a terrible pass. Or what if an O-lineman blew an assignment? A QB under pressure wouldnt lose the INT points?

    • Sometimes bad passes lead to tipped balls by the receiver, just because it is thrown within touching range of the receiver does not mean it is a good pass especially if someone is running 15MPH while trying to catch


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