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  • If I remember correctly, it is 2-4 player that we can keep. Based on that I knew AJ Green would be one, Percy Havin as my next bet, and Foster depending on where I finished this year. I guess I will have to wait and see what the off season brings with Bryce Brown and Mikel Leshoure to see if they are a better option than Garcon. Fitzgerald is not worth a 2nd pick in my opnion and was almost dropped until Skelton was named starter and Harvin on IR.

    Thanks for the help.

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    • I assume that McCoy isn't going anywhere so Brown at best will be a handcuff unless some team overpays for him via trade. Given a lack of desire for teams to lean on, or pay for, a RB I just don't see Brown being as relevant next year as he will be in these last few weeks. Given that, LeShoure over Brown is going to be an easy choice.

      With regards to Fitz, there is no way you can drop him in a keeper league simply because you have no idea what may shake out next year with his QB situation. They could easilly draft a better QB or sign someone who can prove to be more competent (Chad Henne perhaps). In that scenario you assume improvement from Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts along with a better offensive line and you've got an outside shot at Fitz rediscovering his top-5 WR potential. It's a lost year this year for sure, but long term it could be much better for him.

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      • I think that it would be more productive to find a RB2 in the 2nd round that to keep Fitz's potential when you consider the value of running backs compared to the equality of most wide receivers. I would be able to keep a WR1 - Green, WR - 3 Garcon, RB1 - Foster, and Flex - LeShoure while still getting a 2nd round and 4th - 8th to fill my lineup.

        Thankfully, I will not have to determine this until next preseason. But, I like the advice so that I don't make any dumb drops prior to the playoffs. Here is hoping that McCoy sits for the season and one Philly back gets traded.


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