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    Keeper Help

    So the league is set up that you get 2 keepers. One you select at the beginning of the season at the end of the draft, and the other at the end of the regular season, but BEFORE the playoffs. The round in which you draft your keeper is the round in which you draft them for the following year. So the player I selected at the end of the draft as a keeper was RG3. I drafted him in the 10th round, so he will be my 10th round pick next year. Caveat on this being that anyone I keep in rounds 11-15 also become a 10th round pick, so RG3 would become a 9th round pick. Another rule regarding this is, if I pick up someone on the waiver wire (say Brandon Myers) and decide to keep them, they would fall into the above rule, and be a 10th round pick (again, moving RG3, my tenth round keeper pick, to 9th).

    Next years draft will be decided based off how this years season ends. So last drafts 1st, second to last drafts 2nd, so on and the person who wins the league drafts 12th/last in the next year. As it stands, I am 10-3 after a 5 game winning streak, and am alone in 1st place, next closest is 8-5. Odds are I will get top 4, but since its an eight person playoff anything can happen.

    This is a PPR league where the WR's and RB's get PPR, but not QB's on delivery.

    So- my team is:

    QB - Peyton Manning, RGIII (RG3 is my keeper from end of draft, I draft him in the 10th round next)
    RB - Jamaal Charles, Fred Jackson, Michael Turner, Alex Green (GB)
    WR - Megatron, Roddy White, Randall Cobb, Nate Washington
    TE - Brandon Myers
    Def- Baltimore, GB

    This week starts our playoffs. So I need to select who I am going to keep other than RG3.

    Megatron was my 1st round pick
    Roddy White was my 2nd round pick.
    Fred Jackson was 3rd
    Jamaal Charles was 4th
    5th round pick was traded
    6th round pick Peyton Manning
    7th round was GB Def
    8th and 9th were dropped mid season
    10th was RG3
    11 through 14th were dropped mid season
    15th was Randall Cobb.

    I need help deciding who to keep other than RG-3.

    I was considering Randall Cobb in the 15th round (which would become 10th round, and RG3 a 9th round pick) and then drafting out from there. In my mind, securing Cobb there is a steal, especially since with this being a contract year for Jennings and him being injured through most of it raises the likelihood of him not being present in the GB offense next year. However, the thought also crossed my mind of keeping Calvin Johnson. If I win out the league and get 1st place, I draft last overall in the league. Keeping a money WR like Megatron secures my first round pick for next season. God forbid, however, that I lose out the rest of the season and end up drafting 5th overall and lose my 1st round pick on Calvin Johnson.

    Can I get some people to weigh in on this?

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    • I'd keep Calvin for your 1st, he'll be a steal at the end of the st round next year

    • I actually have a nearly identical situation as you do, except we play in a 10 man league. If I was in your situation I would keep Calvin Johnson next year. You have to assume you'll win it all and Calvin is too talented and consistent (mostly) to not keep. He will go in the first round next year guaranteed.

      Can you answer my question? Who would you keep for next year from these choices given the exact same league setup as yours:
      Trent Richardson - 1st Round
      AJ Green - 2nd Round
      CJ Spiller - 7th Round
      RGII - 7th Round

      My first thought is Green, just because he has been rock solid and consistent all year (right around 20 pts each week). I think he will go in the late first round next year. Unfortunately I can only keep one of them and all these players have been great this year. Any thoughts?


    • Hey, great post. Glad to chime in!

      I am curious as to what the starting format of your league is and how many players there are in the league in total? I think this has a lot to do with who you should keep.

      If the format is standard, ie. 2 QBs then I would personally be very inclined to keep Payton Manning. Based on what we've seen from him this year, he will be nowhere near the 6th round next year (probably no later than round 4 and even that's generous) and will thus be the biggest steal based on your choices. You'll have 5 picks ahead of him to draft RBs/WRs, and even if you do win the league, you'll still be able to draft some serious players ahead of that 6th round.

      If however it's a 1 QB league, then you have some options. RG3 is as of right now more than good enough to be a starter in any 1 QB format imo. Megatron would not be a bad choice here, because as you said securing him in the 1st round is something to be happy about should you go anywhere in the playoffs....

      Good luck!

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      • Thanks for sounding off.

        It is a 12 person league.

        Starting Format is:

        1 QB
        2 RB
        2 WR
        1 TE
        1 Flex (RB/TE/WR)
        1 K
        1 Def

        - So I could definitely keep Peyton, and not have to worry about drafting a QB next year.


        Typically, I've been running Peyton as a starter (benching RG3, which hurts, because he will have games that outshine Peyton, but other games much worse. Peyton has been more consistent, so he's been who I've gone with)

        The 2 RB's typically have been Turner and Charles, with my WR's being roddy white and Megatron, and throwing Cobb in the flex spot.

        I run Myers at TE, and the Baltimore Defense in my defense spot.



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