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  • Matt Matt Dec 5, 2012 12:19 AM Flag

    Keeper Help

    I actually have a nearly identical situation as you do, except we play in a 10 man league. If I was in your situation I would keep Calvin Johnson next year. You have to assume you'll win it all and Calvin is too talented and consistent (mostly) to not keep. He will go in the first round next year guaranteed.

    Can you answer my question? Who would you keep for next year from these choices given the exact same league setup as yours:
    Trent Richardson - 1st Round
    AJ Green - 2nd Round
    CJ Spiller - 7th Round
    RGII - 7th Round

    My first thought is Green, just because he has been rock solid and consistent all year (right around 20 pts each week). I think he will go in the late first round next year. Unfortunately I can only keep one of them and all these players have been great this year. Any thoughts?


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