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  • John John Dec 4, 2012 7:44 AM Flag

    Never doing an automatic computer draft again.

    I didn't know that you get thrown in together with people doing live drafts when you sign up for automatic drafts in these yahoo fantasy games. The computer picks are poor at best. You end up with maybe one good pick. Also the can't cut list is a bunch of crap. If your so called star player isn't performing or injured you should be able to ax them. Just venting.

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    • I did autodraft, and the 3 of the first 4 players were injured, the one that wasnt injured hurt himself at the beginning of week 2 (Hernandez). It made it tough in the beginning with no RB's, but hitting the waiver wire hard I finally got a decent team. Now I am in first place and the winner of 8 straight. It was kinda fun working hard to make this team... more of a challenge.

    • First off... you don't get thrown in together with people doing live drafts. If it truly was an automatic draft league that you signed up for, then everybody autopicked.
      Second, you can adjust the predraft rankings to your liking. I like to remove ALL kickers from the draft list, that way come round 8 or 9 I don't get a pick wasted on a kicker.
      Third, there is no way you only ended up with one good player... unless you are in a 254 person league

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      • It happened to me on Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. I was signed up for an autopick league. While online I got a message that my league was currently drafting. Out of curiosity I followed the link. There were three people in there doing live picks, and the rest were autopicks. I finished the draft live. It was the only decent team I had out of eight. I have never signed up for a live draft. I will email Yahoo sports and ask them and see what they have to say.

    • Join a private league next year. Or set your pre draft rankings. That takes a lot of skill and practice drafts to get your rankings so you get the players you want. Good idea to do it anyway if for some reason you don't make the draft. I have seen Auto draft teams do as well or better than hand picked teams. The computer show's no prejudice, favoritism or human biases.


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