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  • Hedge Hedge Dec 3, 2012 11:16 AM Flag

    Big money league...a lil help please really need the loot lol

    Im 10-3, i clinched a 1st round bye, and really need to win So all year ive struggeled with a #$%$ recieving core but that improved with dez bryant getting hot, but out of stevie johnson, cecil shorts, and sidney rice who would you go with for #2 the rest of the year?....also my TE sucks i have vdavis with jcook at back up they both suck...who would u pick up? martellius bennett or brent celek, and lastly its been QB by committie all year now i have vick, schuab, kapernick, and flacco on the roster please help guys!....ps if ur wondering how im 10-3 i drafted ray rice 1st round, peterson dropped to 2nd got him, and rounded it off draftin doug martin in the 3rd

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    • Assuming health, I like Shorts because of his targets and schedule. Then I'd go Johnson and Rice in that order.

      For TE I'd maybe watch how Bennett is used tonight, but realistically you're going to get the same 5-8 points from all of those guys. Cook seems to be the most consistantly mediocre and has some TD potential so I'd roll with him.

      At QB you can drop Vick, he's done for the year. The rest is dependent on what you're after. I'd go Kaepernick for upside, Schaub for consistancy, and maybe Flacco at home in a favorable matchup. Since you've got Rice I'd probably avoid overinvesting in the Baltimore offense and keep Flacco off your team. Rotate between Kaepernick and Schaub based on matchups and you'll be safe.


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