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  • JACbauer JACbauer Nov 30, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    stupid qb question

    I've been locked in for the playoffs and getting bored waiting for week 15 to roll around. I've been toying with the notion (not very seriously) at starting Colin Kaepernick against New England, over Rodgers against Chicago.

    Just wanted to test the water, and see what people thought. I figure its ludicrous to bench my first round pick in the playoffs, but the Bears D has been pretty fierce and shut him down before. Also last weeks Giants game showed Rodgers is still prone to laying a fantasy egg for your team every once in a great while. Still obviously have more football to watch, but give me some feedback. thanks

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    • Im in the same boat as you, and stacking my team for the playoffs. Today I picked up Kap when I heard he was going to be the starter in SF, and thinking about starting him for the first game and benching Peyton. I am going to see how he does in the next 2 weeks before I make up my mind. It is nice clinching early, and loading my team for match ups in weeks 15-16. Everybody else is worried about the next few weeks, but Im snagging all the good talent for the playoffs, should give me a slight advantage come playoff time. I look stupid now with 3 defenses, but so what, I dont have the dominant Bears Def, so I go by matchups and its faired quite well for me.

    • If I had to make a decision now.. def Rodgers obviously. Too many variables in next few weeks. Kaep could even lose his starting job by then if he lays a goose egg and turn ball over. He is a good talent but he hasn't nailed starting gig down with a productive Alex Smith chomping at the bit to get back on field. Rodgers is great at recognizing he fails and takes responsibility! He will improve against CHI (every def is vulnerable) and may even have Jennings back. NE defense is also imroving against the pass with emergence of gregory and the talib signing so they are no automatic walkover (they always play better 2nd half of season too). I would wait to see all the variables. Who is the hot hand, what kind of weapons they have, how opp def has been doing.....


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