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  • chris chris Nov 29, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    Is Knowshon Moreno Over projected?

    I just picked up Moreno as a FA .. pretty happy about the pick but i have a solid run down of RB2 i have been trying to make right(martinRB1)... I have Reggie &Michael Bush along with Darren Sproles... Moreno is projectiled 12pts which is the highest this week out of them..
    He is the starter in Denver now.. but is there a better play due to an over projection on Moreno? What do you guys think?

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    • Thank you guys for your insight it is all very nice!

      Mannign is the man.. Ive got another question I think you guys may like...

      My WRs include Decker and Colston.....

      Does playing Sproles/Colston or Decker/Moreno have disadvantages in Fantasy Football as far as scoring?.. Kind of putting your eggs in once basket type deal?.. Not to mention I am also starting Denvers Defense because I really like the remaining schedule. Please comment!.. These are the type of things I think of when i think of the best winning recipes down the stretch!

    • After last week, I wouldn't trust the coach as far as I can kick him. They picked up Hester this week. Wouldn't put it past him to pull another Charlie Brown this week and have the ball pulled out from under us all.
      That said, Yes if he can live down his name of Know Show and put up decent numbers, I think Peyton will give him plenty of opportunities. as far out on a limb I am going.

    • I'd start Moreno. I know people are down on him due to history, but even mediocre RBs have a history of success (and goalline carries) in a Peyton Manning run offense. Add that to the catches he's going to have thrown in and the full workload he received last week and I'd say he's got some decent upside even against a good up front run stopping team.

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      • Steve made me think of a really good point that I didn't think about too much. Manning is notorious for keeping his 1st/2nd down back in on 3rd downs to keep the defense guessing if it'll be a run or a pass play. Hell, Manning had McGahee stay in on a 3rd down earlier this season even though he was complaining of vision problems and he just told him he was there as a decoy... So really Moreno is an acceptable start over Sproles/Bush if you want to roll the dice.

    • Difficult to say at this point. We don't know for sure whether or not he will get all the GL carries or if Ball will sneak in for those. We also don't know if Moreno can hold up as a 3 down back. If he starts missing blitz pickups at any point he could get benched. I do believe that he is the least talented out of ball/hillman/moreno trio, but as long as he can protect manning they will keep him in the backfield.

      I would say he is over projected just for the simple fact that at 12 points there is very little room for error on Moreno's part and there is very little chance he reaches that number without a TD. If his owners get lucky though and Moreno gets the goal line carries than this projection is going to be met/surpassed.

      All that said, you probably don't even need to start him until he can show you more. Since you have Martin as your RB1, you can slide in either Reggie or Sproles as your RB2 for this week. If it's ppr go Sproles. The main prob is that R Bush/Moreno have horrible RB matchups this week. Unless you have a hunch, I would choose Sproles as he is most likely to get some red zone action and he looked fine last week.